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What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding can create challenges when deciding to part with possessions regardless of value. For an individual who hoards, the amount of collected possessions can exile them from other people including loved ones. Items hoarded can be magazines, newspapers, books, food, clothing, or even animals. These behaviors can also be conducive to a variety of pest issues in a home or business.

In some instances, hoarding can create hazardous living conditions, including reduced living space, sickness from various molds and decomposing matter, fire hazards, or compromised structural integrity of the building.

At Cimex Solutions in Port Orange, FL, we understand that some of these conditions can also have an impact on families and can require a tactful and considerate approach when addressing the remediation.

Let our professionals at Cimex Solutions help remedy the issues associated with hoarding or an abandoned home or business. Same-day evaluations will be performed in most cases.

A portion of proceeds from every service is donated to local charities!
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